“Give your kids healthy habits in the beginning.”

Your child’s first dental appointment should coincide with their first birthday. Routine dental check-ups are essential for children and should begin as early as possible. At Carseldine Dental we have recognised the significance Children’s Dentistry can have on your child’s oral health. Good oral hygiene techniques can never begin too early in life and should be embraced by all parents. Baby or Primary teeth are very important and should be cared for in the same manner as secondary teeth. Baby teeth are imperative to your child’s development, assisting with chewing functions, improving their speaking ability and pathing the way for secondary teeth.

As a parent you play an extremely important role in your child’s oral health. Carseldine Dental, recommend working with your child to establish good oral hygiene techniques from an early age. A healthy balanced diet will help prevent tooth decay and set up good long term habits for your child. Children should consume foods from all sections of the healthy food pyramid, limiting the amount of starch and sugars in their diet. Healthy foods will help strengthen your child’s teeth and assist in the counteraction of decay.

Another active step parents may play in helping their children establish strong and healthy teeth is to supervise brushing. Being with your child at such times will ensure all the tricky spots are reached and by providing encouragement your child will want to brush their teeth. You are the ultimate role model from your child. By setting a good dietary and oral hygiene example, your children will aspire to do the same. Speak with our Dentists at your next visit to Carseldine Dental and ask for information and more tips on oral health for your child.

At Carseldine Dental Group we understand that a child’s first few dental visits can be a frightening and daunting experience. Our team endeavors to make every child’s experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

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