“We help you keep your teeth for longer.”

Anyone who has had tooth pain whether it be minuscule or major will agree prevention is the best medicine. Preventive Dentistry is the a process our dentists use to help you attain healthy teeth and gums and ensure your smile is always aesthetically pleasing. Teeth play an intricate role in the body. The first digestive process is performed by our teeth and can significantly impact your health if something goes wrong. It has been clinically proven that inadequate oral health may be linked to numerous potentially deadly conditions including:

  • Increased risk of Stroke
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Heart and Respiratory Disease

At Carseldine Dental we recommend routine dental check-up every six months. Through your appointment time Dr John Karydis or Dr Sam Cassaniti will perform a thorough examination of your mouth and provide a professional clean and fluoride treatment. By resolving any oral conditions promptly our patients limit the extent of damage occurring and lessen the required treatment. Saving them a lot of pain and money.

Please refer to our General Dentistry page for good oral hygiene techniques recommended by Dr John Karydis or Dr Sam Cassaniti.

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