Porcelain Crowns allow you to restore decay and damage to your teeth, without compromising the beautiful appearance of your smile. This form of Cosmetic Dentistry treatment will help you amend the structural components of your teeth in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner. Carseldine Dental is motivated to provide patients with the innovative procedure of Porcelain Crowns, due to their realistic appearance and the exceptional functional benefits they bestow patients.

A Porcelain Crown must be implemented when the affected tooth is no longer capable of supporting a filling. This tooth is generally in serious repair or has just undergone a Root Canal treatment. Porcelain Crowns may amend cracked, broken, decayed or diseased teeth. They may also be applied to:

  • Conceal a large filling
  • Repair the damage of grinding teeth
  • Correct inadequate oral hygiene
  • Restore aging teeth
  • Correct improper bite

Porcelain Crowns are a similar concept to Porcelain Veneers. However, a Porcelain Crown covers the entire structure of a tooth as opposed to a Porcelain Veneer which is attached primarily to the front surface. Porcelain Crowns provide both aesthetic and functional benefits to patients. Created from ceramic materials Porcelain Crowns look and feel like a natural tooth. The colour, translucency and texture of your existing teeth may be matched, creating a virtually indistinguishable restoration.

At Carseldine Dental patients are always considered our first priority. Throughout all dental treatments, our dedicated staff will ensure every effort is taken to make you feel at ease and comfortable. Porcelain Crowns offer several major aesthetic and structural benefits and will help you recapture a beautiful healthy smile.

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